Thabz C releases “Arrival Time” to rave reviews!

Thabz C emigrated from Zambia to North America with his family when he was 3 months old. He spent a good portion of his childhood in Vancouver, B.C. and Los Angeles before his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Thabz C was a clever young man learning street smarts at a very early age. He used to trade bottle caps for candy at the local grocers revealing a negotiator’s attitude and the know how to get things done.

Music became part of Thabz C’s life during middle school where he studied music starting with piano and alto saxophone. That took him to joining an a’cappella choir in high school where he learned a lot about vocal melody and harmony. He was eager to absorb much of what his environment allowed him and music mixing software became an interesting concept to him. He eventually combined beat making software and music mixing software and was hooked from that point forward. He honed in on hip-hop and what developed is the creation of some of the best hip-hop music on the market.

His initial EP release in 2007 was “Lyrics of the Dead Army: The Early Years”. It was collaboration with a Nashville MC called Mastermind. That same year he joined a band called Bulk Delish whose style had a rock edge with a pop likeability to it. The group disbanded in 2009 and Thabz C became a solo artist, bringing his great signature hip-hop sounds to the airwaves.

Thabz C’s latest project “Arrival Time” with lead single “Club Scene” is a prime example of this style. The theme of this single is unity, being with your friends and complete strangers and enjoying the club scene. This song is freeing, joyful, fresh and carries a real hot beat that makes you want to get on your feet and dance. This is only one sampling, one style. You will also experience live instrumentation of keyboards, drums, bass and guitar along with the highest caliber of mixing skills that have delivered some of the best hip-hop music to date. The energy of this LP revolves around the summer time when people are more laid back and enjoying the warm season and the fun that comes along with that. His music is current, memorable, radio friendly, club friendly and sustainable in the music industry.

Thabz C accomplishments and accolades include but are not limited to:

Song Placement on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Presents: #NextUp Mixtape Vol.11 for "California Coastline" - 2014

Full Mixtape 

• He was a marquee artist at the inaugural Indie Entertainment Summit in North Hollywood in 2012


CNN iReport

• He was also selected to attend and perform at the Interfusion Music Summit in Palm Desert in September 2012


• Television work in Nashville on the show Cash Ville Live showcasing his work since 2008

Prior releases include:

“Lyrics of the Dead Army: The Early Years” (EP) -2007
“Bulk Delish: The Greatest Hits Volume 1” (EP) - 2008
“Introducing Thabz C” (EP) – 2010
“Oh Nashville” (Single) – 2011

Thabz C is primed to release additional songs for radio this summer with a additional music performances scheduled through the end of the year. He will be playing shows on the west coast initially and extending that to the east coast.

You can listen to and/or purchase his music by logging on to the following websites:

Itunes, Amazon, Spotify

Thank you to the city of Nashville, Tennessee for giving me a foundation of love and support. Music city raised me and fostered a passion in me to pursue music. I wrote my debut album "Arrival Time" in Nashville. It is a story about a kid with a dream who believes at his very core that he will make a positve impact on the world through music. This is my story. This is your story. Help support our effort by making a donation. Donations over $5.00 USD will get a free hard copy of my debut album "Arrival Time" personally shipped to you anywhere in the world with a personalized note of thanks. You can also download the album through digital retailers worldwide such as Itunes, Amazon and Spotify. Thanks for your support. Check out some free music downloads and view the video clips as well. Peace - Thabz C